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Three Out of Three Falls
Category: Sports & Recreation
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by Jason & Joe
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April 17, 2017 05:34 PM PDT

The podcast hits double digits and a new era of TOoTF begins! Jason picks a modern classic from the pre-WWE Network age of NXT. Joe tries to rediscover why he was such a fan of NWO Stevie Ray in '98-'99. And the RMG brings us to Mid-South Wrestling, 1986, for a tag team match with some familiar faces (and Steve Doll). Sami Zayn is heavily praised and ska isn't mentioned once, a whole bunch more words than necessary are said about Horace Hogan, and a streak is ended. It's not as somber as it sounds, even with Riki Rachtman on Nitro and a story about KoRn. Tune in!

- Joe's Pick: Stevie Ray vs Horace vs Brian Adams vs Vincent, for leadership of NWO B&W, WCW Monday Nitro 186, April 5, 1999
- Jason's Pick: Sami Zayn vs Antonio Cesaro, 2-Out-of-3 Falls Match, NXT 183, August 21, 2013
- RMG Pick: Blade Runners vs Perry Jackson and Steve Doll, Mid-South Wrestling, March 3, 1986

April 04, 2017 05:05 PM PDT

It was slightly delayed by pure exhaustion after WrestleMania 33, but episode 9 is finally here! Jason picks a classic match from the golden years of sports entertainment. Joe picks a match he doesn't want to disparage any more here. And the RMG proves that apparently, lightning can strike twice (?). Jason brings the history and the humor. Joe really tries to get "shenans" over as a slang abbreviation for shenanigans and rants a bunch because he drank too much coffee. There's charisma (the wrestlers'), comic books, and characters; divas, Danny Davis, and detailed world-building. Come with us back to simpler times, when punches punched, kicks kicked, divas traveled the world (although perhaps not the world of Destrucity), and our #1 candidate for G.O.A.T. had yet to have his fateful casket match against the far-from-retired phenom. It's a fun, if kind of long, ride -- join us!

- Jason's pick: Hulk Hogan vs Paul Orndorff, Steel Cage Match for the WWF Championship, Saturday Night's Main Event #9, January 3, 1987
- Joe's pick: Kelly Kelly & Maria Menounos vs Beth Phoenix & Eve Torres, Wrestlemania XXVIII, April 1, 2012
- RMG pick: Goldust vs Ultimate Warrior, King of the Ring tournament qualifiers, Raw 161, May 27, 1996

March 31, 2017 05:05 PM PDT

What had been intended as a special "mini episode" didn't come out so "mini," as your hosts break format to review the full cards (as of recording) for this weekend's WrestleMania 33 and NXT Takeover Orlando! Jason and Joe offer picks, predictions, and wild speculation on what will go down at the Ultimate Thrill Ride, the pre-show to the Ultimate Thrill Ride, the night before the Ultimate Thrill Ride, the line for the Ultimate Thrill Ride, and more. There's an insane amount of wrestling this weekend, and if you need a little help getting psyched up for it, why not listen to your hosts follow their hearts in our first-ever Three Out of Three Falls WrestleMania Weekend Special!

March 20, 2017 06:59 PM PDT

We've got a doozy for you this week: Jason picking a match he repeatedly watched 2 minutes of on a compilation video as a kid, Joe picking a match he watched the entirety of as a teenager but mostly forgot, and the Random Match Generator one-upping itself again with its most random-seeming match yet. Your hosts dig deep-ish into early-90's WCW stars, the mid-90's WCW midcard, and the late 2000's pre-pre-Women's-Revolution WWE "Divas" scene -- and things get CRAZY. Scotty Riggs is complemented multiple times. Fantastic DDTs provide a segue. A debate rages over whether Jim Ross commentary in a match is hilariously abysmal or just plain abysmal. The world turns upside down! And while last episode we watched the best hardcore match Bobby Heenan had ever seen (by 2000), this time we get the greatest tag team match Dusty Rhodes had ever witnessed (by 1991). It's time to celebrate a wide range of wrestling match quality and some stupendous buns! Join us!

- Jason's pick: Sting & Lex Luger vs The Steiner Brothers, for the World Tag Team Championships, WCW Superbrawl 1, May 19, 1991
- Joe's pick: Scotty Riggs vs Raven, WCW World War 3 1997, November 22, 1997
- RMG's pick: Maria vs Maryse, Smackdown 487, December 19, 2008

March 06, 2017 06:16 PM PST

What at first seems like three totally incongruous match picks becomes a story about the special energy and the legacy of Extreme Championship Wrestling. We've got two fatal four-way matches. We've got the Whole F'n Show vs the New F'n Show. And we've got... Four the Hard Way. Yeah, that's a match -- and it's the best hardcore match Bobby Heenan has ever seen. Do our hosts agree with The Brain? You'll have to listen to find out, or I guess you could just look at the people in it, and the show it was a part of, and kind of figure it out for yourselves. This one runs over an hour and is, in this neutral-voiced description-writer's opinion, up there around second-best or best episode yet!

- Joe's pick: Adrian Neville vs Tyson Kidd vs Tyler Breeze vs Sami Zayn, Fatal 4-Way for the NXT Championship, NXT TakeOver: Fatal 4-Way, Sept 11, 2014
- Jason's pick: Rob Van Dam vs Jerry Lynn, for theTelevision Championship, Living Dangerously 1999, March 21, 1999
- RMG's pick: Fit Finlay vs Meng vs Norman Smiley vs Brian Knobbs, Fatal 4-Way for the WCW Hardcore Championship, Souled Out 2000, Jan 16, 2000

February 20, 2017 06:07 PM PST

Recovered (mostly) from the flu, Joe picks a match with one of his favorite wrestlers that he doesn't remember ever having seen. Jason -- possibly too healthy -- picks a match that's just one of his favorites ever. And the RMG, well, the RMG does its thing. Luckily one of the competitors in the random match allow your hosts to pontificate on the talent and standing of someone Joe thinks is a long-time dark horse (see, Jason's not the only one who can do throwbacks!) candidate for G.O.A.T: The Natural, the most controversial superstar in WWE history, the son of the son of a plumber. Overall it's kind of a rocky return, but we're glad to be back!

- Joe's pick: Faarooq vs Bart Gunn, Raw 194, January 20, 1997
- Jason's pick: Stunning Steve Austin vs Dustin Rhodes, WCW World Television Championship match, Halloween Havoc 1991
- RMG's pick: Goldust vs Ultimate Warrior, King of the Ring tournament qualifiers, Raw 161, May 27, 1996

February 06, 2017 05:23 PM PST

In the fallout of Royal Rumble season, Jason and Joe discuss the 2017 Royal Rumble and both pick matches from the undercards of Rumbles past. The RMG, however, breaks the theme with a curveball from an episode of Raw. Your hosts debate what a ‘dark horse’ is, try to clear up a misconception about the Miz, deal with Attitude Era chair shots, and attempt to convey the, uh... je ne sais quoi? of Chavo Guerrero. We’ve got the Rock with a bad shirt on, Damien Mizdow, and the first Joe has ever seen of one of Jason’s favorites, Shelton Benjamin. We’re four in! Enjoy!

-Joe's pick: The Usos vs Miz and Mizdow, Royal Rumble 2015
-Jason's pick: The Rock vs Mankind, "I Quit" Match, Royal Rumble 1999
-RMG pick: Chavo Guerrero vs Shelton Benjamin, Raw 671, April 3, 2006

January 29, 2017 11:45 AM PST

We've got our first non-Network match for the show, with a relentless tag-team six-sided-cage match from TNA! We've got out first cruiserweight match for the show that's also a sort of Royal Rumble 2017 preview! And then, oh, then: we have a metal SPIKE. It's the third episode of Three Out of Three Falls, and half of your hosts think it's the best yet! Plus: Jim Belushi?!

-Jason's pick: Triple X vs America's Most Wanted, Steel Cage Match, TNA Turning Point 2004
-Joe's pick: Neville vs Rich Swann, 205 Live, December 27th, 2016
-RMG pick: Hulk Hogan vs Meng, Nitro 20, January 15th, 1996

January 24, 2017 06:46 PM PST

It's all tag-team action this time around, beginning with Joe's pick of a mash-up tag match from an episode of Raw in 2012, then diving into Jason's pick of a classic Summerslam bout from 1989, and finally ending with the Random Match Generator's doozy of an 8-man tag-team "Tough Man Contest" from 1990 where we learn Jason's wrestling-fan origin story!

-Joe's pick: Sheamus & Randy Orton vs Chris Jericho & Alberto del Rio, Raw 989, May 7, 2012
-Jason's pick: The Brain Busters vs The Hart Foundation, Summerslam, 1989
-RMG pick: 8-Man Texas Tornado Tough Man Contest, Global Wrestling Federation, USWA Main Event, October 6, 1990

January 24, 2017 06:26 PM PST

On the first ever episode of Three Out of Three Falls, Jason and Joe discuss the first Hell in a Cell match, the first Women's Hell in a Cell match, and the first pick by the Random Match Generator: a match so random that Jason ended up accidentally watching a different match instead. Also, Joe says a couple dumb things he regrets. It's the pilot, and it worked out alright!

-Jason's pick: Shawn Michaels vs The Undertaker, Hell in a Cell, Badd Blood: In Your House 1997
-Joe's pick: Charlotte vs Sasha Banks, Hell in a Cell, Hell in a Cell 2016
-RMG pick: Booker T & Eddie Guerrero vs The Basham Brothers, Smackdown 276, December 2, 2004

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